Licensed Naturopathic Physician

Registered Acupuncturist 

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine  

Master of Science in Acupuncture
National University of Health Sciences 
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics  
Central Michigan University


 Dr. DeWitt was born and raised in Port Huron, Mi. She graduated from Central Michigan University with a B.S. in Dietetics and a minor in Entrepreneurship in 2013. Upon nearing graduation, she began to search for further education in nutrition, leading her to find out about Naturopathic Medicine which resonated with her philosophy in root-cause wellness. She went on to Naturopathic Medical school at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in 2014. During her time in school, she participated on a medical brigade in Nicaragua as apart of Natural Doctors International (NDI), it was on this trip that she was introduced to the treatment capacity of Acupuncture, after which she decided to dual-degree and begin the Master of Acupuncture program at NUHS. In addition to NDI medical brigades, she spent two weeks with NUHS’ first study abroad program in Zauzhaung, China where she was able to shadow specialty doctors and practice Traditional Chinese Medical techniques at an integrative hospital for Chinese and Western Medicine. After completing her year-long clinical internships at the NUHS Whole Health Center as well as rotations with the Salvation Army of Chicago, she graduated from both degrees in 2018. She returned to Michigan in 2019 after much restorative travel, hiking, and camping. Dr. DeWitt currently holds her Acupuncture registration from Michigan and is an NCCAOM diplomate. She is currently a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of Vermont. Please note that Michigan does not yet license Naturopathic Doctors, and that any work Dr. DeWitt does virtually with clients is educational, and geared towards empowering her clients in health and wellbeing rather than diagnosing and treating. 


Dr. DeWitt has a passion for understanding chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases and more. She currently works in two locations treating a wide variety of conditions with Acupuncture. She spends her free time outdoors as much as possible, visiting local nature preserves. She also enjoys hiking, camping, reading, exercising, learning, writing with hobbies of gardening, photography, drawing, ceramics, and painting.

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